Making intelligent automation part of your business

Living in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), provides great opportunities in all business to step-up their activities and grow. AI is a combination of technologies that enables machines to learn, comprehend, act and react. Such actions improve the collaboration between people and machines in order to extend human capabilities. People can use the speed and accuracy of machines to deploy their creativity.

All AI-based solutions require a clear vision and implementation strategy for every business, regardless of their industry. The outcome can transform the whole business, not just make it grow.

CLOUDROCK assists you in investing in the proper systems, build the automation that is necessary for your business and train your personnel for new era regarding your operations. AI must be combined with data analytics in order to maximize efficiency and expand your activities steadily. All your business data is useful to train effectively the machines to perform in an optimal way.


In CLOUDROCK we constantly innovate and bring end-to-end integration of AI-based solutions.


Use your collected data in the most productive way

CLOUDROCK assists your business in using the stored data, by building custom models in the predictive analytics and procedures’ automation


CLOUDROCK solutions are applicable in:


Personalized medicine management, biomarkers, assessment of diagnostic tests/examinations


Predict user’s intentions in switching operator or plan, proactive actions for malfunctions, cross selling


Prediction of demand/supply, energy management for significant power savings

Retail market

Proper management of inventories and others

Industrial Production

Prediction of demand, optimization of production stream, prediction of any malfunctions


Empower your organization by using Internet of Things

CLOUDROCK’s service portfolio on IoT is vast and ranges from simple plug-and-play applications to custom solutions.

The experts in CLOUDROCK team, can assist in finding the best solution to collect, process and use data, measurements and other elements that can lead to a better management of operations and to the automation of many daily activities.

The IoT solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Smart meters for collection of utilities’ consumptions and others
  • Smart sensors for applications in several industries and fields, including agriculture, transportations
  • Applications for smart cities (i.e. parking, lighting etc)
  • Geofencing for monitoring mobile assets

The integrated IoT services are provided over LoRawan, Narrowband IoT and GSM networks

CLOUDROCK can undertake a turn-key project regarding your data center or computer room. CLOUDROCK’s executives have significant experience in the datacenter field, with facilities’ uninterruptible operations that reach almost 20 years. The team has a proven track record of successful construction, operations and management of the most central commercial data centers in the region acting as hubs.

The aforementioned experience, the diversification in infrastructure design skills and the cooperation with one of the largest Greek systems integrators, makes CLOUDROCK your reliable partner for designing and building your suitable data center.


Ensure continuity of your business operations regardless of any failure or disaster at your main site.

Maintain your normal business operations and activities, regardless of any unplanned damage occurred due to human error, hardware failure or natural disaster.

CLOUDROCK provides integrated business continuity solution for your company, by offering:

  • Remote location with the appropriate geographic distance from your main offices
  • High-end data center infrastructure to host your secondary hardware, ensuring its uptime
  • Cloud call center for your company to continue making and receiving calls on your telephone numbers
  • Computers (hardware or DaaS) for your users to continue accessing your critical data and applications


Cloud resources and fully integrated services in a resilient cloud environment in Greece.

CLOUDROCK offers solutions that ensure security, flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. We cover a wide range of services via our carefully selected partners who have great expertise in cloud computing.

Public and Private Cloud

The cloud environments that operate in our data center can support public and private solutions. The service includes cloud servers or virtual data center, where you can allocate the provided resources based on your needs. In addition, the offerings include cloud storage and cloud backup as well as hybrid cloud solutions.

Benefits of IaaS
  • Location. Data Center in Greece with connectivity to local ISPs for low latency
  • Asset and cost reduction. Decrease significantly your expenditures by ceasing operations of your in-house computer room. The largest part of costs in a computer room derives from cooling, UPS and other supportive equipment
  • Full Access. Get root access to your servers or virtual data center
  • Flexibility. Quick increase or amendment of your resources based on your current needs
  • Cost Efficiency. Payment on monthly basis on a “pay-as-you-go” model
  • Guaranteed Availability. Service provided with SLA
  • Easy and Unified Management. Your IT can setup and manage the infrastructure via well-known portals and interfaces


From one server 1RU up to multiple Rack Cabinets

Dedicated or shared symmetric Internet access service

CLOUDROCK offers a wide range of data center services, from standard server colocation to remote-controlled solutions based on own and partners infrastructure. Our data center CR1 can house your mission critical IT infrastructure and data. The highly resilient environment provides the necessary flexibility for your business to grow steadily while maintaining the costs low.

CR1 supports high density Racks providing high physical and network security. Our unique solutions that rely on companies such as NETSCOUT-ARBOR, keep your data safe.

The redundant power supply comes with power consumption on “pay what you consume” model.

CLOUDROCK offers prompt technical support on 24×7 by senior engineers on site. All services’ level is ensured by strict SLA agreement.


Connectivity – Internet Access

Combine Colocation with dedicated or shared Internet access. The connectivity is provided by our local and international partners who are present in CR1, via diverse network paths. Low latency is ensured via direct connectivity to major global networks through Sofia, Bulgaria. CLOUDROCK provides maximum diversity on connectivity mediums via fiber and microwave networks.

Your connectivity is secured by NETSCOUT-ARBOR wide range of solutions, offering the maximum possible level for protection against all types of cyber threats and DDoS attacks. Such advanced solutions guarantee the continuity for your activities by mitigating threats that intend to have impact on your business or critical data. Learn more at


Cross Connects

By establishing your point of presence in CR1, you get the option of easy interconnection to carriers, ISPs, Internet exchanges, Cloud and content providers, as well as plenty of private and public companies and organizations. The interconnections assist your business to grow by forming partnerships and safely exchange data, applications or services.

The cross connects can take place directly or via our meet-me-room, which provides flexibility for future switching. Cross connects include UTP and fiber cablings. All cablings are certified and installed by experienced technicians.


Remote hands and eyes

This service assists you in efficient solving tasks related to the equipment located in the data center and in minimizing inconveniences caused by physical distance and the need for urgent access. Data center shift engineers operate as reliable «hands» and «eyes» round-the-clock, ready to carry out diagnostics, assist in eliminating a malfunction or carry out scheduled maintenance.

Remote hands service refers to first or second level support. It can be provided on per incident-basis or on a fixed monthly package.