Cloud resources and fully integrated services in a resilient cloud environment in Greece.

CLOUDROCK offers solutions that ensure security, flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. We cover a wide range of services via our carefully selected partners who have great expertise in cloud computing.

Public and Private Cloud.
The cloud environments that operate in our data center can support public and private solutions. The service includes cloud servers or virtual data center, where you can allocate the provided resources based on your needs. In addition, the offerings include cloud storage and cloud backup as well as hybrid cloud solutions.


Data Center in Greece with connectivity to local ISPs for low latency

Asset and cost reduction

Decrease significantly your expenditures by ceasing operations of your in-house computer room. The largest part of costs in a computer room derives from cooling, UPS and other supportive equipment

Full Access

Get root access to your servers or virtual data center


Quick increase or amendment of your resources based on your current needs

Cost Efficiency

Payment on monthly basis on a “pay-as-you-go” model

Guaranteed Availability 

Service provided with SLA

Easy and Unified Management 

Your IT can setup and manage the infrastructure via well-known portals and interfaces